From the World Pool: February 5, 2016


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The “just for fun” edition.

For various reasons I haven’t been making “from the world pool” posts, but this week I decided to try to get back into it. And I decided to make it all things that cheered me up, because we all need cheering up sometimes.


Japan Keeps This Train Station Running for Just One Regular Passenger. (Obligatory snark: nice to see some governments take transportation seriously.)


Book design: Gibbon’s Decline and Fall.


Rare Cold Weather Phenomenon Displays Mesmerizing Light Pillars in the Sky. This is something I’ve never heard of, and boy is it cool.

If you ever wondered what happened to the dinosaurs, look no further than baby blue herons.

A wolf named Romeo.

1.5 billion pixel of the Andromeda Galaxy: this is… amazing. Zoom in.

I am in love with Jacanas.  I mean, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE FEET.

Swimming with elephants and sharks: the photography of Ali Bin Thalith.

And they say animals have no sense of humour.


Choir! Choir! Choir! A tribute to David Bowie: singing Space Oddity at the AGO.

I wish I was a lot younger, so I could do this. I might not choose to do it, but I would love to be ABLE to.

Beatbox Siri.

If you like science fiction… Starships! —a fanvid tribute to sf tv and movies. (Bonus points for dancing.)  (R for language, if you’re concerned about it.)





This is the art piece I have done for the Gabriola Arts Councils’ annual gala fundraiser. The work started with a chart of Gabriola Passage that included Drumbeg Park, so I decided that that was what I wanted to focus on, that and the idea of travelling and how you end up in the place you do. It made sense given the complicated story of how we came to be where we are.

"passages" art piece

It’s made from a cigar box (an actual cigar box, i.e. one that contained cigars) that was given to me by the artist Ross Penhall, whom I met in the dog-room of a ferry on one of my many commuting crossings between the Island and Vancouver. He’d just acquired a batch for his own work, and very generously gave me a couple of them. When this project came up I knew that I wanted to use one of them. Thanks, Ross!

"passages" art piece

The photos are all mine, taken at the park.

"passages" art piece

The words are sampled from Drumbeg Park, by Naomi Beth Wakan, who kindly gave me permission to use them. Thanks, Naomi!

"passages" art piece

In the end, the meaning of the piece changed considerably from my original intentions. Really, this is a piece that is all about kindness and generosity, and the passages from one place or state to another that bring the interconnections that situate us at the centre of our very own maps.

Bird’s nest fungus


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close up of birds nest fungus

The wee, wee eggs!

Actually, they’re fruiting bodies. It’s from the Nidulariaceae family, if you’re into the Latin. Wikipedia says, The nests are “splash-cups”. When a raindrop hits one at the right angle, the walls are shaped such that the eggs are expelled to about 1 m away from the cup in some species. 

This is growing on our back gate. I’m not sure it’s a good sign for the overall health of our gate.

Erm, well, this is kind of embarrassing.


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We made the mistake of getting a video game for our cat. He LOVES it.

So he took to sitting on our laps while we were doing things on our iPads and swiping at them because when he did, Things Happened. Much to our displeasure

Out of desperation, we dug out the Very Old iPad that wouldn’t run the apps we use, and gave it to him.

He is a very happy kitty. He even knows how to restart the game when it ends.


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