Frog scarabs

froglet scarab on a leaf

I’ve noticed that the wee froglets popping up arrange themselves like little scarabs on the leaves, all toes tidily tucked away. This one’s leaf got caught by a breeze and flopped mightily for a few seconds—two legs shot out on one side and clamped to the leaf during its gyrations, and then the scarab position was daintily reassumed.

My best guess is that they’re basking but this is a way to prevent the skin on the tiny legs from drying out too fast. Anyone know if I’m right?

2 thoughts on “Frog scarabs

  1. I love these photos of this little one, skadhu! Your guess makes sense. I searched on google and all I could find was that some frogs tuck their legs in so they are shaped like a ball and can then roll away to safety. Another site said frogs with brightly coloured feet will tuck them under to blend in more with their surroundings. How tiny was it? – it looks only as wide as a blade of grass! So cute.

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