Today I made a frog happy

frog before worm

Yesterday this treefrog turned up on the railing of our front porch, and stayed there all day. It didn’t seem perturbed by us coming in and out, nor by my taking pictures of it. A laid-back frog, all in all.

Today, there it was again. And things got even more interesting.

“Must be a buggy place that’s good for hunting,” said Pericat. “Hm,” I thought, and found a tiny ant. Dropped it in front of frog. Zip! Ant gone. Did it again. Zip!

But these were very tiny ants. I dug a worm out of the compost, hollered for Peri, and put it down in front of the frog.


You know those guys who participate in hotdog-eating contests? They’ve got nothing on frogs. Pounced with gaping mouth, started stuffing worm in with both, er, hands. Peri’s eyes got noticably bigger watching. Took a bit of work, as it was a fairly substantial worm, but finally the last bit disappeared. And the frog is noticably fatter than it was before.

Last we looked, it seemed to have the hiccups.

frog after eating worm

6 thoughts on “Today I made a frog happy

    1. Thanks Carolyn! The funny thing is, a few hours later it was back to normal size. But there was a new piece of detritus on the railing. I guess frogs have fast digestive systems.

  1. Hilarious! After you telling me about Pacific tree frogs, I briefly looked them up and wikipedia says they are the only frogs that go, “ribbit”. Now that’s quite a claim to fame! (and perhaps the hiccuping as well?) Your photos are wonderful.

    1. Thank you! We have a seasonal swamp at the back of our property, and a pond, and I can tell you that when mating season hits that’s a LOT of ribbiting—almost painful. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything, I love frogs.

      This one was only about an inch and a half long. Somehow it’s funny to watch something so small exhibit such extreme predatory behaviour.

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