Our porch is a popular place

red-legged frog, golden eyes
Yes, my eyes are rather glorious, aren't they?

I guess the frogs like our porch because it’s nice and cool underneath, and relatively safe. It probably doesn’t hurt, in a drought like we’ve had, that we water the bushes next to it. I encountered this red-legged frog on the lawn, but when I got too close it promptly hopped over to the porch and up the steps. And there it sat, so I went and got my camera.

It was awfully patient, didn’t move even when the lens was an inch away. Since the visitation of ducks last summer the frogs have been noticeably more skittish, but this one was pretty calm—or perhaps just resigned? Maybe it’s because temps are getting coolish.

One of the things I find most fetching about frogs is their eyes—many are such a lovely golden colour, like this one. Cleopatra needed kohl, but these guys don’t!

And yes (sigh) that is a dog hair. Almost every picture I take has dog hair in it somewhere, somehow.

Or cat hair.

2 thoughts on “Our porch is a popular place

  1. How did I miss this? This is such a great photograph of your porch friend (hair and all!), I love the focus and its big golden eye. Almost everything I own has dog or cat hair somewhere!

    1. Heh—thank you. I’ve put up so many pictures of frogs it’s easy to miss one, that’s how you did it!

      As for the hair, I think the only solution is to have everything you own, including furniture, in tweed.

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