Can’t we do something more interesting?

dog and alpacas

Yesterday I took Our Dog for a walk that passed the alpaca farm. The first time we ever walked by, he was absolutely fascinated and seriously considered barking, so I had to clamp his jaws shut and firmly tell him No.

After that, every time we passed I’d have him sit and stare while I tell him what Good Alpacas they are. Frequently all the alpacas came to the fence and stared back, which made things more entertaining for me, at least.

After three years of this, he thinks they’re pretty uninteresting. Even when, as yesterday, one of them lets off a yell like a squeaky hinge. I’m not sure about how effective the alarm call is—all of the other alpacas immediately ran toward us to see what the problem was! (The one furthest away in the picture is the one that gave the alarm.)

And by the way… who else has noticed that when they’ve been shaved and just have hairy heads they look astonishingly like Ewoks?


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