No, he’s not a peeping tom.


But I did wonder what was going on when Our Dog started barking yesterday. I glanced out the studio window, and there was a guy walking down the spare driveway that we don’t use. He stopped at the cedar lathe gate, raised something—I saw the flash of a lens—and then turned and briskly walked off. There was something written on his jacket, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

I went and told Peri. We both went out and walked around and down the drive and stared through the gate at our house. All we could see that looked even slightly interesting was the BC Hydro meter.

He was going back the other way in his van when we came up on the road again, so we stopped him. Yes, he was a meter reader. He read the meter through the gate—”I have very good binoculars!” (No wonder there’s the occasional mistake in our readings.)

Who knew? It does explain the mystery of why we’d never seen the meter reader come onto our property. But I guess when the Smart Meters go in (assuming they do, whether we like it or not) we won’t be seeing them on the streets, either.


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