Translucent shelf fungus

transluscent shelf fungus

The other day I spotted this on the end of a fallen log. It was evidently some kind of shelf fungus, based on the shape, but I’ve never seen anything quite like it. As you can see, it was transluscent. The little knobby bits were on both top and bottom, as shown in the second image.

It was very small—that’s moss it’s cuddling up to. Is it an immature form of something? Or… what? I can’t find anything like it in my books, and so far googling “shelf fungus, transluscent” hasn’t produced much.

transluscent fungus side view

UPDATE: a friend put me onto a blog about mushrooms on Vancouver Island, so I sent a note to the writer, Richard Powell. He provided URLs for two websites with pictures, here and here. Here’s what he said:

I’ll bet that is Pseudohydnum gelatinosum, or Toothed Jelly Fungus. I was out mushroom viewing yesterday near Horn Lake and these little guys were everywhere. In fact I have never seen so many out at one time before.

I most often see them protruding from the sides of logs and sticks and the teeth on the bottom are usually longer than on the top. We took the mushroom tour by the monk in the Cowichan Valley and he said they were good candied, but I haven’t tried it!!

I find them to be quite enchanting. Some call them “cat’s tongues” and you can see why…

And yes, that’s exactly what I saw—it looked especially like the ones in the second photo, except growing off the end of a log. Hurrah! Mystery solved.

And while you’re checking out Richard’s mushroom blog, check out his blog about lakes on Vancouver Island. I can see we’re going to have to get the canoe out and go exploring.


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    1. Thanks, Galen, I dug around in my references and that didn’t seem quite right for what I saw. However, I did find out what it was—see my update.

  1. The Mushroom Expert , Michael Kuo is amazing! I have contacted him several times with pics of mushrooms and he had always had the right answers for me. And was always prompt with his replies. .

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