gills on a toadstool

Since we’re on a fungal roll.

These are the gills on an enormous toadstool that popped up in our yard. I kept forgetting to photograph it when it was in its prime, and now it’s been knocked over by something, but the gills are still a splendour to behold.




2 thoughts on “Gills

  1. As you note on my fungus post, we definitely *are* of a like mind at this moment. However, I think my Cat might have a different attitude when it comes to that obviously high energy dog of yours :)

    1. Heh—he likes cats. He doesn’t understand why Our Cat won’t be friendly. But she was an adult when we got him as a puppy, and insists on always Putting Him In His Place, right down to hissing while she walks under his belly.

      However, he has been known to respond by nudging her in the butt with his nose. I think it’s because it makes her hiss even more. (Royalty insists on its privileges, and is outraged when not respected—all the more entertaining for hairy plebians.)

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