orange jelly fungus

I labelled this “orange jelly” and that appears to be what it’s called, maybe Dacrymyces palmatus. It’s apparently edible if boiled or steamed. Yikes!


5 thoughts on “Orange!

  1. I stay clear of foods, or possible foods like this. After my parents and siblings (I was out that evening) were all badly poisoned eating fungus in North Saanich in the 1970’s. The mycologists were delighted – they had had a question mark next to whether or not that particular species was toxic. It has left me biased.

    1. How nice that they were able to contribute to scientific knowledge!

      More seriously, although I have no personal experience with eating the wrong kind of mushroom, I limit my picking to environments which provide paper bags and a checkout. I’ve never been convinced that my abilities to recognize species would be reliable when it comes to fungus.

      1. You are wise. Both my parents are biologists and experienced mushroom pickers and identifiers, just shows how careful one should be with fungi.

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