Ice and snow—please?

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This year all the forecasts I heard in the fall said that it was going to be a cold winter, with lots of rain. Somehow that hasn’t panned out quite as expected. We’ve had much less rain than usual, and it hasn’t been very cold—December saw all kinds of records for the highest temperature ever.

Well, I have to confess that I like snow better than rain, even if it does require shovelling. I spent formative years in the Northwest Territories, where snow was snow, not this slushy nonsense that you get on the southern coast of BC. Snow is pretty, and bright, and it makes me feel good, especially when I’m skiing on it. However, on the south coast where what falls from the sky is generally heavy wet snow, it’s a pain in the butt to drive on—it tends to be supersaturated and compacts into what is essentially ice in no time at all. So in deference to all those drivers—including me—I don’t pray for snow. (Well, maybe just for a little, just a foot and a half, over the holidays, with the proviso that it disappears after 3 days.)

On the other hand, I do pray for frosty days that produce ice on puddles. They’re wonderful to take pictures of. But this year there hasn’t even been much frost, and my puddle-pictures haven’t had a lot of range. The one above is one of only a few I’ve been able to take. It’s been disappointing, and kind of unnerving. Winter! Ice is supposed to be on puddles. The lilies are NOT supposed to be sprouting already. Having weather so warm at the end of December/beginning of January that I’ve seriously considered taking off my fleecy and walking in shirt sleeves is Just Wrong.

I don’t like it. I’ll defer the snow to higher elevations, but I want my ice.


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