Our Dog is a goof.

goofy happy dog

But he loves life (and us) so who cares?


8 thoughts on “Our Dog is a goof.

    1. Thank you, he was bouncing around, so I was delighted to find I’d gotten a good shot. And golden evening light doesn’t hurt images, either! :D

    1. He is—although there are times when his whole being appears to be dejectedly watching one, trying to communicate, “Beach? Beach? Ball? Beach?”

  1. Our dog is a goof also and somewhat of a instigator of destruction. The holes in my
    garden beds are a testimony to that. But and I emphasize but, she is so darn cute and lovable it is so darn hard to discipline. She is a English Springer Spaniel and the breed is well know for it’s friendliness and loveable personality. So as you said
    “So who cares!!”

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