Walking on clouds

gull walking on edge of pool of water reflecting clouds

Okay, beside clouds.

I spotted this gull while walking between ferries today. It was very methodically walking back and forth the length of the concrete pool edge, carefully scanning the bottom of the pool for edibles. (I’d first noticed it because it had found something and there was a bit of splashing.) First one direction…

gull walking along pool edge

… and then the other.

It was a good day for watching wildlife. A pod of probably six or eight Pacific White-sided Dolphins came alongside the Big Ferry during the crossing, leaping out of the water, skipping over the waves, which were still big enough after yesterday’s storm to elicit official stay-in-your-seat warnings. I’ve seen dolphins on the crossing before, but never leaping entirely out of the water—this video gives a good idea of what it was like, though without the big waves. The pod suddenly veered toward the ferry and crossed behind; I couldn’t tell whether they were actually crossing or had gone to ride the wake.

Whichever, it was a rare treat.

3 thoughts on “Walking on clouds

  1. I really like that first picture – nice composition. I also really like seeing sea mammals from the ferry (or anywhere else). Sounds like a good crossing for you.

    1. Thanks ehpem! It was a very crowded crossing, because of all the cancellations the day before, and I was tired and had started getting irritated by all the people. The dolphins switched my mood, just like that. Too bad I can’t see them every time I get annoyed!

      1. A rough day on the ferries. A bus driver was telling me of their problems, a couple of ferries with combined 1200 foot passengers many wanting a city bus. My son had played a gig at Whistler the night before and the band was at Horseshoe bay for the 9am. No luck. Eventually they got an 11pm Tsawwassen to Departure Bay (having moved terminals mid-day). He got home at 2:30 am. At least they did not have the mayhem of following day to contend with. I think he would have liked to see dolphins too.

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