Why is our floor sticky?


There are things I would really prefer NOT to find on my kitchen floor.

cat checking out the slug
Kitty and I blame the dog.

8 thoughts on “Why is our floor sticky?

  1. Great photos. Sometimes I find those little slugs on the carpet – in the living room, in the bedroom. Yes I blame the dog too.

    1. Dogs are very convenient fall guys. In this case, I think Our Dog likely is responsible, since he has long hair and goes and lies in the garden….

  2. I find them in our house from time to time, as I have no dog to blame it on, I shall blame the cat…. she too loves to lie in the garden. Great photos of icky things.

  3. Heh… it’s easier to blame the dog, he’s such a galumph. But I know the cat is capable of picking sticky things up as well, as I realized the day she sat on a damp cough drop.

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