Isn’t it a comfort!

I nurse a long-term grudge against Microsoft Word. It’s a program that I’ve loved to hate for a lot of years. Why? Too many reasons to go into, but they mostly come down to it the makers taking a perfectly decent word processing program and turning it into a bloated monstrosity that does almost everything badly and in complex instead of simple ways.

So I’ve refused to upgrade it. Until a week ago, I’ve staggered along with Word 2000. But because the technology has changed a lot over the last 12 years this started to become problematic, so I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the most recent version of Office.

Today I’ve been editing a document. It’s very simple, nothing but plain text with bold or italic styles and some bullets. And the program has crashed, twice, resulting in me having to redo sections, because I asked it to do the oh-so-complex task of copying and pasting a block of text.

It’s so comforting to know that Word is still a piece of crap.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t it a comfort!

  1. Microsoft Word has been an annoying bit of bloatware for many versions now. I’m fortunate that I don’t actually need Word in my life. I can get by on alternatives like OpenOffice most of the time, so Word hasn’t been on my computer in many years.

    (Not that OpenOffice is perfect, mind you, but at least it’s free. When that is too annoying, I use HTML and get things just the way I want with that.)

    1. I don’t speak HTML, so that option isn’t open to me! Well, not beyond italic and a few other simple lines. And one of my requirements is that whatever I use has to be able to open the latest Office documents provided to me by other people.

      I’ve used Neo Office and found problems with it. I had looked at Open Office long ago and at the time there were problems with what it would do compared to what I needed it to do. I understand it’s now been acquired by Oracle (sigh) but a friend tells me the successor is Libre and swears by it.

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