Log, reflected

log reflected on water between beach rocks

This image reminds me of something that you could make with a Photoshop filter—but it’s not.


4 thoughts on “Log, reflected

    1. Thank you!

      One of the things I do with photos once they’re uploaded is look at them and think about what would happen if they were cropped in different ways. I find that by doing this there are all sorts of unexpected discoveries.

      That’s what happened with this one. Although the reflection was the focus of my attention, when I framed the shot I included a bit of the log as well, thinking the log and reflection would provide an visual interesting balance in the image. They did, but when I looked at the image carefully I realized that when the log was included, the focus shifted and what was going on in the rocks around the reflection became de-emphasized to the point of disappearing. Cropping to leave out the log made this a much more interesting picture.

      I love looking for discoveries like that.

      1. I do exactly the same thing, and sometimes find some really pleasing snippets (my last two posts are examples of cropping for a certain content). I only use prime lenses (since that is all I have, I often only carry a 50mm and a 100mm with me) so I often can’t frame a shot how I would like because I can’t get close enough. In those circumstances I might take the picture with the intent of cropping it later, if I won’t lose too much resolution. However, there is a distinct pleasure in isolating a part of a photo that has an unexpected beauty or interest.

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