All in a row

Because it’s winter, we don’t much go out onto the deck that is off the master bedroom. And we’ve been keeping the curtains drawn to conserve heat over the winter months. So the other day, when I walked out to toss some swept-up dust off the deck rather than take it downstairs, I got a bit of a shock when I turned round and saw this.

guano on bottom window ledge

Yep. Piles of bird poop. Never previously seen in this location.

So I went out that evening and (from ground level) shone a flashlight up under the eves.

Yep. Three little birdies, all in a row, clustered all snuggly-like on the top ledge above the window.

upper window ledge - the bird roost
Use your imagination

They were what I’m told birders sometimes call LBJs (Little Brown Jobs). They didn’t have any distinguishing marks visible in dimmish light shone on them from a distance. They weren’t big—the ledge is at best an inch and a half deep. I’ve no idea what they are.

But they’re definitely hanging out there—I’ve seen them since then, too.

Now what do we do? They’re obviously there because it’s warm and cosy compared to other places—we’ve had some frosty nights recently.

But they’re also, to put it bluntly, poopy. It’s not as if we like having piles of guano on our deck.

Well… so far we’re pretending we don’t know they’re there. We figure we’ll clean it all up and discourage them when things get a bit warmer.


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