Gnarled wood

gnarled wood

I quite often crop photos—well, to be honest, I almost always crop photos before I post them. For me, playing with an image, looking at how the compositional relationships change when the defined area changes, is part of the pleasure of photography (hey, I’m a graphic designer).

But this one I didn’t crop, in the end. I like the way the extension of it confuses the perspective—what’s concave? what’s convex? what’s up and down? is that inside or outside? And I like the way it looks like it’s been put through a Photoshop filter, but hasn’t. And I like the way the light works with the focus, dramatically, to spotlight a particular area.


2 thoughts on “Gnarled wood

  1. It’s the fluidity of the wood shapes that intrique me, One sees similar patterns of water on a flat beach, rivers moving through landscape etc.

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