Cup fungus

cup fungus

I found these growing on dead, rotting wood the other day. The biggest ones were probably half a centimetre wide. I hauled out Mosses, Lichens and Ferns of Northwest North America (Vitt, Marsh, Bovey), which I’ve found a lot of lichens in, but nothing seemed to match these.

As you can see, they’re white with ochrish tinting inside, and like nothing so much as little cups or pots. I haven’t a clue what they are. Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Cup fungus

  1. These are I believe birds nest fungus, Nidulariaceae. Also other birds nest fungus
    in the same family are crucibulum, cyathus, mycocalia, nidula and nidularia.

    1. Thanks, cher, that’s certainly what it looks like. It hasn’t got the little “eggs” that many of the pictures of birds nest fungus show, but I’ll watch to see if they appear.

  2. The top left cup looks as though it has a couple of eggs in it. The eggs are called fruiting bodies (Saprobiic) feeding on decomposing organic matter.

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