Mystery eggs

mystery eggs

This little egg case was probably about a centimetre in diameter. I’ve no idea what laid it. The eggs, assuming that’s what they are, seem to be at one end, with some damaged, but did the little whatevers hatch or did something eat them? The larger part of this, the part that looks frothy brown, was actually quite hard. It seems odd to me: a (relatively) enormous casing that doesn’t actually protect the eggs lying exposed at the end. Maybe something of the protecting froth got pulled or nibbled off?

All a mystery to me, to be sure. One that makes me very curious.


7 thoughts on “Mystery eggs

  1. My best quess is, it ‘s a gall wasp’s nest. There are several different types of gall nest, depending on the type of tree. oak and citric chestnut.
    Is the nest on an oak tree?

    1. I don’t think it was a wasp nest—it definitely was not papery. It looked like a sponge, or like a froth that had been hardened.

      I don’t recall what it was on, other than it was on a bush (and not a rosebush). I’m not sure if I could find it again, but the next time I go that direction I’ll look.

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