Another one bites the dust

edge of round cut from arbutus
The colours in this round cut from the arbutus are quite amazing—the pink blush with the golden outer edges.

This has been a bad year for the trees on our property—first we lost the pine, and now a big old arbutus. We noticed it was leaning in the afternoon of the day of the storm—not fallen, but only because it had gotten hung up on another tree.

Good thing for us, too—if it hadn’t hung up it would have taken out a section of our fence and probably a gate.

rounds of arbutus lying on ground

So out went the call, in came the guys with the chain saws, and now it’s down and most of it has been carted away. They left some—what I’ve photographed here—for me to play with, along with a warning that if I want to carve it, do so now—after a year it will be hard as rock.

foot by stump

So maybe I’ll find a carving challenge, if I can find any time. That’s something I’ve never done but always rather hankered to try.

Not as much to photograph with the arbutus as with the pine—lichens don’t grow on it. But… it stays elegant even as it gets older.

Sure is pretty wood.

cross section of arbutus trunk showing pink
This piece was cut through a knot—the wood around it is quite red compared to other places. I wonder why?

4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. Did you notice that the tree is very fashionable? That is a pretty good sweater coat there in the middle picture! Just cock your head a bit to the left.

  2. Its a shame to lose a tree like this. A neighbour of mine salvaged wood like this and made a counter top of it – he had to cut narrow strips and laminate them though as it is prone to warping. As I am sure you know, it burns beautifully, but always seems a waste to use it as firewood.
    Your first picture makes it look edible, succulent like some juicy fruit.

    1. We were very sad to see it go. I don’t think our skills are up to a countertop, but we definitely do want to make something from what we have left. (We don’t have a wood fireplace, so just burning it ourselves is not an option.)

      And yes, fruit is exactly what I thought of when I saw those colours! Possibly pink grapefruit.

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