Ice angles

ice patterns 6

Our pond froze over a few days ago, and produced an array of extremely angular patterns. Here’s a sampling.   

ice patterns 1

Quite a few of them seemed to radiate out from a centerpoint.

ice patterns 3

Then there would be angles that contradicted angles.

Ice patterns 4

The thing that struck me in the picture above is the confusion with foreground and background and illusions of 3-dimensional space on a flat surface. I’m not quite sure why it’s so odd that way.

ice patterns 5

Some of them look positively sculpted—but essentially it was all flat.

ice patterns 7

It’s the variety that’s so intriguing!


2 thoughts on “Ice angles

    1. Thank you! The light was great, though I had to do some crouching and craning to catch it. (Which always requires an extra degree of care and attention when at the edge of a pond.)

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