rock buried in sand

There’s something that I’ve known in theory but only have gotten to view in practice since moving to an island: beach sand moves. It’s in different places at different times. It may vary depending on the time of year, or it may move in response to a storm.

The things that don’t move appear and disappear.

This rock, rather like a breaching whale, was peeking out from a rather thicker-than-usual bed of sand after some good sized wave work had happened overnight.

2 thoughts on “Sand

  1. It *is* just like a whale. I had a humpback come up beside the zodiac one day, while I was tied to a kelp forest having lunch on the west side of Haida Gwaii. It (the whale) was covered with barnacles scars just like that rock, and more or less the same colour. I could have reached down and touched it’s eye, it was so close. This picture immediately reminded me of that wonderful experience :)

    1. What a wonderful experience for you! I’ve seen quite a few killer whales, and this year a lot of dolphins, but I’ve never seen a humpback or grey whale. Hopefully I’ll have a chance one of these days.

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