If you go down to the beach today…

Roe on kelp
Roe on kelp

… you might find all kinds of things.

The herring were spawning, so we expected to find roe on kelp.  

And there was lots of roe on kelp, or at least on various kinds of seaweed. Lots and lots of it! The tide was low, so there was plenty of it exposed.

roe on kelp again
Roe on seaweed again

The closer you got to the water, the more eggs. We ventured a nibble—crunchy, salty, a bit fishy. Not bad… needed crackers and dip, but oh well. (In the past I’ve had dried/fried herring roe on kelp dipped in oolichan grease, that was downright tasty, even for someone who’s never been big on any kind of roe, including caviar… I might say, actually, that I personally thought it better than caviar.)

And lots of milt in the water, turning it all turquoise and Mediterraney. And lots of sea lions. And lots of fishing boats speading nets and hauling them in.

Oh, and then there was this, not quite so expected:

cop holding torpedo
Torpedo on cop

Damn navy has evidently been losing things again.

I took a LOT of pictures of the spawn and will post more later. But now there’s pizza waiting.


6 thoughts on “If you go down to the beach today…

  1. If it’s not feet in shoes, it’s torpedoes. I’m getting tired of being the industrialized world’s dumping ground!!!!eleventyone11

    Time for a referendum on war materials stockpiling. I’m agin it, but I can hear other points of views.

    1. Apparently losing torpedos is not uncommon. They don’t generally carry explosives, they’re just used for testing.

      It still makes me somewhat uneasy. And the juxtaposition of torpedo and all those fishing boats even more so.

  2. I too have had roe-on-kelp, and roe-on-cedar boughs too. With oolichan grease. And seal oil. It is extraordinary food – there is no other texture like it, the crunchy popping noise in the head is amazing. The flavour is good too, very much a taste of the sea in a way that fish is not.
    Nice to see the roe, and that it is in abundance. We don’t get it along this shore – I guess it is too exposed. Great photos, wonderful subject for macro work – I am jealous.

    1. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but yes, it really did taste like the sea.

      I do hope that the abundance is really abundance and just not the seeming of it—these days our assumptions about what’s under the water’s surface so often seem to be wrong.

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