looking west at the fishing boats
Looking west toward Nanaimo from Berry Point Road.

As promised, here are more photos from the herring spawning… 

photo showing edge of milt in ocean
The effects of the milt in the water, and its distinct edge, were pretty amazing.
Closeup of herring milt in water
This photo shows just how opaque the milt made the water.
frothy tide pools
There was quite a bit of froth at the water's edge, and in some of the tide pools.
fishing boats
The herring boats were there in great numbers. These guys are pulling up a net—you can see the fish.
setting herring nets
And then they set the nets again.
sea lions
They weren't the only fishermen around—there were also quite a few sea lions. I don't have a real telephoto, so this was the best I could do—at least they obliged by sticking their heads up occasionally.
dog on shore, boats beyond
And the obligatory picture of Our Dog. He is wet, as you might notice. And a little fishier-smelling than usual. I turned around from taking a picture, and there he was, swimming around. I do believe he fell in off a slippery rock—but given his love of water, it's hard to know for sure.
looking west again
Looking west again. What a lovely day to watch such an amazing sight!

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