Reflections in evening water

reflections in evening water

I’ve had a busy couple of days… yesterday was hectic, today almost equally so. So this is a post that’s a little late.

Yesterday afternoon was a memorial service for an old friend, Ray Hrynkow. A group of us attended art school together, majoring in graphic design—for three years of that 4-year program we were were all pretty much joined at the hip in one of the most intense and exciting times of our lives, studying together, working together, socializing together.

For a few years after we graduated, we continued to socialize, but then gradually drifted off in varying directions, building lives with other people in them, doing different things. But we still keep in touch, and for the most part we all know where the others are, or at least how to track them down. One of those bonds that lasts on some level even when you don’t see someone for years. And then, sadly, see them at a memorial service.

So I’ve been reflecting on that time over the past week and a half. One of the things that I remember (apart from joining Casey and Ray every Friday for a year to watch late-late-night re-runs of The Avengers) is Ray’s love of music. Ray had truly wide-ranging and eclectic musical tastes—I remember that he introduced me to the British group Pentangle. If I recall correctly, he’s also the person who introduced me to Steeleye Span, and that led me to the folk music scene and another intense, abiding interest and community. And that led to other places, and that to others, and here I am today, somewhere I could never have imagined all those years ago. A very good somewhere. And Ray had something to do with it.

It’s not an original thought, but… it’s amazing how the ripples from a dropped pebble spread, and intersect, and then go to stillness again. But the changes remain.


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  1. We love your pictures…keeps us going till our next visit. We are moving to Gabriola (full time) in a couple of years and are fixing up a property that will be our retirement home. Can we ask..please…what size generator you had fitted and who did your installation, as we are hearing about horrendous quotes from Nan. companies.(up to 10 grand plus)
    On the minus side, saw two adult sea-lion corpses in the small bay, by the big Arbutus tree, past the |Surf lodge last week. One had a huge chunk out of its back! Transient orca???

    1. Hi Kris, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! Two years sounds like a long time, but it’ll likely go faster than expected.

      Re generators: they can be pricey. We bought a Honda generator—the model is EU6500is. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost, I think it was about $5-6000. Expensive, but we figured that model would better serve us (and be quieter) than the cheaper models. Our house was already wired for switching to a generator when we bought it, so I can’t tell you how much that would cost to set up. Having this set-up is great, though—we’re very happy with it.

      Yikes about the sea lions. I imagine it was orcas feasting on the sea lions that were feasting on the herring because of the spawn.

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