I’m too sexy for my feathers

tom turkey
Born to a life on the catwalk

I ran out to the store to get something I’d forgotten earlier and then ran back to get my camera and Peri. I didn’t need to run. This guy wasn’t going anywhere—he was far too busy showing the chicks, er, hens, what he had. So I took quite a few pictures.

tom turkey from the side
I am luminous. Really.

He seemed a little unclear on who exactly he was displaying to. This may have been because the hens were scattered around. But I got the distinct feeling that he was displaying to our car, just in case.

back view of tom turkey
I have a butt. Like my butt? It's a nice butt, isn't it?

He consistently dragged his wings stiffly on the ground—it made a surprising amount of noise, kind of rough and gravelly. Obviously this was an important part of the show.

tom turkey flaunting
Flaunting it for the girls

Must be spring.


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