White and purple

crocuses 1

I photographed these crocuses just about 2 weeks ago, but hadn’t gotten round to sorting through the images and selecting and cropping and so on. These belong to friends—ours aren’t anything near as splendidly profuse!

white crocuses 1
Bee! Look at all that pollen on its legs.
purple crocus closeup
Some of them can't make up their minds which colour to be.

white crocuses with purple in background

white-purple stripey crocuses

top view of white crocus

mixed crocuses

light on crocus petals
At the right angle some of the petals seem absolutely luminous.

closeup of purple crocus

yellow stamen peeping out from white crocuses

more white and purple crocuses


5 thoughts on “White and purple

  1. The top and the fifth pix are my faves. I’m not a gardener, but, here in Australia what are called ‘crocus’ are yellow! Perhaps a slightly different species than these (which are so beautiful)?

    1. Thank you! We do have yellow crocuses too, although there weren’t any in this garden patch. After seeing your comment I looked them up on Wikipedia, which says there are around 80 species of them (!!!). So lots of opportunities for colour variations.

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