Green and orange


The green of Pohlia nutans is really green…


…and the orange is really orange.


4 thoughts on “Green and orange

  1. Wonderful shots – I don’t think I have ever noticed that moss before. Is it found in the forest, or on the rocky outcrops?

    1. Thank you! This particular bit is on a rock lining part of our garden, though I’ve also seen it grow on wood. But I usually see it growing in moss meadows–mats of moss over sandstone.

  2. I love this delicate and beautiful little plant, ‘tho I must say I wouldn’t call it moss. Moss to me is the stuff that hugs the soil and doesn’t grow very tall. Excellent photos. Liked.

    1. Thank you so much! (I left the hugging the soil part out on these photos, and just focused on the sporophytes, but it was there underneath them.)

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