When is a trail marker?

Today we took Our Dog and Our Friends’ Dog out for a walk. The route was very familiar and well-used, but the last time I’d taken it I’d noticed a side trail that I wanted to explore. So I suggested that we venture off on the side trail—which really was a trail, distinctly more than a deer trail, though not nearly as emphatic as the main trail—and see where it went. But Our Friends’ Dog had recently had problems with a sore on his tail, and had worried at it and made it worse, and his tail had been shaved, and, well, after a little while it seemed to me that taking a sensitive- and naked-tailed dog down a brushy trail with intermittent stinging nettles probably was not a good idea. So we decided to leave the exploration for another day and turned around. And found this.

bull horns mounted on plaque

So… now I’m curious. Is it a trail marker? Or art? Or… well? What do you think?


6 thoughts on “When is a trail marker?

  1. I know this trail very well and also know the trail was made by trail bikers who placed the set of antlers on the tree. If you were to happen on to many other side trails you
    will find many other antlers on the trees along with several other pieces of art if you will.

    1. Thanks, Cher! I will have to check out all the side trails.

      Do you happen to know if all the antlers were randomly acquired or if they are roadkill from all those bikers speeding through the forest? ;D

  2. I think someone found it in their garage or attic and decided to release it to the world (instead of throwing it in the trash). I’m glad I didn’t find it, either in my attic or on a trail nailed to a cedar tree.

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