Some days I wish I owned a telephoto

sea snail shells

An odd wish, when what you’re taking a picture of is snail shells tucked under a rock at the beach. (I’ve always wondered where sea snails go when the tide goes out, now I know.) How many shells can you count? There are six visible in this shot.

My eye was caught by the orange ones, naturally. But once I’d gotten closer I realized that there were more than just orange ones. I brushed away a little of the fine gravel, and, well, here they are. Averaging a couple of inches in length, I’d estimate.

And after spotting these I noticed more semi-buried at the edge of other rocks.

So why the wishing for the telephoto?

That would be because of the mating otters. The ones on the beach thirty to forty feet away from us. The ones that totally ignored us and our dogs for FIFTEEN MINUTES while we stood there and discussed them.


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