Visiting royalty

gold-crowned sparrow

Every year in spring these guys seem to come through—they’re gold-crowned sparrows. A flock of at least 8 of them has pretty much moved in on our feeder in the last few days. They’re quite cheeky and very vocal about their annoyance if we sit on the back porch.

It’s hard to get a good crisp shot without a proper telephoto, but I’m pleased that this caught the yellow stripe.


4 thoughts on “Visiting royalty

    1. Heh. Yes, it’s a lovely mug—too bad we broke it. (Dammit.) Still, the remnants have a second life in the garden.

      Re the green things—yes. The whole area under the feeder is sprouting little green things. I’m curious to see what they turn into. Whatever they are, it’s from the seed that the fussy birds toss aside.

      (We didn’t actually put any dirt into the mug when we put it there, you understand. But the towhees are kind of energetic in kicking dirt around, and, well, you see the results.)

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