A wildlife day

hawk airing wings

So today was a wildlife day—first, on a hike in the big park, and then in our own back yard, more or less. This hawk appeared to be airing its wings—it was just sitting them with them spread. I know cormorants do this to dry their wings, and have seen that quite often, but I haven’t seen other birds do it, so I looked it up. From this article on a site hosted by Stanford University it looks like the pose has something to do with either drying or heat regulation. It wasn’t a hot day (warm, overcast) and it wasn’t a wet day so I’m not sure what this particular individual was after.

Later, at home, I stepped outside and heard a noise like a bag of half-strangled cats, plus a lot of splashing. I got my boots and walked the fenceline to the point where it crosses a slough. And found this. It didn’t look very happy. It was wet and when it eventually moved it did so like it had just been beaten up by another raccoon—which I suspect it had.

It wasn't a very big raccoon. Maybe one from last year's litter?

3 thoughts on “A wildlife day

  1. Love the little bandit face, there is a large one that I have seen on & off over the last 5 years, he was living under the neighbour’s deck.

  2. No, I wasn’t impressed either, so I would put the run on it any time I saw it. It’s been about a year since the last time I saw it.

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