Imagine Our Dog’s surprise

seal on beach 1

…when the log lifted its head and growled at him.

Well, sort of a growl. A bit more petulant than a growl, really.

He was a Very Good Dog, though, and after looking at me a little anxiously and giving a few more “Look! It’s a Monster!” barks, he came back—almost as soon as called.

It didn’t seem too worried about us, but still, I put him on leash and we left it to its sunbathing. I didn’t really need the leash, though, as I had picked up ball and chucker, and to Our Dog, when those are in hand the rest of the world does not exist.

seal on beach 2

UPDATE: GROWLS has sent out a message asking people to keep clear of the seal and keep dogs leashed—it’s a juvenile elephant seal undergoing a catastrophic moult.


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