Trying something different

I’ve switched the colours on the theme so the background is black. Tell me what you think.

My feeling is that some of the photos are enhanced, but I’m not sure that the overall effect is better…. hmmm….

UPDATE: have gone back to the white background, for now at any rate.


10 thoughts on “Trying something different

  1. You can tell from my blog that I prefer the dark background for photographs. Mine also comes in the white background, but I don’t like it as much. I know some people really don’t like the dark backgrounds, but I think for many photos, and especially black and white, that it works very well. Your last image, and the tulips before that, look particularly nice against this background. It’s too bad you can’t just choose for each post (but that would mean displaying just one post on the home page).

    1. I do like the dark background better for the photos—but I have 2 main concerns with using it.

      One is that the writing is now significantly harder to read. I often don’t post much text, but sometimes I do, so that’s a concern.

      The other concern is that the white type is too harsh and distracts from the main entries. The text of entries is grey, so that’s okay, but the other pure white type is very stark. In the sidebar it’s bolded for readability so it’s visually too strong compared to the rest. In the main section it breaks up the reading because it creates so many little interrupting visual spots. This all offends my trained design sensibilities something awful, but I can’t tweak it to make it work better.

      Sigh… decisions, decisions….

      1. Maybe there is a different theme that would work better and perhaps have some more control as well. Perhaps there is a way of using it in white background but having a fairly large black border for the images (but that would probably make the actually image smaller). It is a compromise between designing your own theme (who has the time, or the skill?) and finding the best out of the can version for your needs.

      2. I spent a lot of time before I settled on this theme, so I doubt I’ll find anything I like better unless I design it myself. If I pay WordPress for an upgrade I can get more control over what things look like, so I’ll have to think about that—but if I’m going to do that I’d probably be better to host the site myself and learn CSS.

  2. I am sorry to say I really don’t like this new background it does make it harder to read that said your photos look great with or without a dark background. enhancement not needed in your case just more of them.

    1. Thanks Cher. I think I’ll leave it up for a full day to give it a fair run and then will go back to the white background.

  3. The photographs look great on the black (the tulips, for example, practically leap off the screen). However, I find the text a bit harder to read. If you’re going to have short posts that feature large photographs, black is the way to go. The white that you had before worked well for the occasions that you had longer textual posts.

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