In the garden at the moment

daffodils or narcissus

A narcissus of some kind, being extravagant.

rhodo bud

Actually, the rhodos are a bit further along than this now, but today the weather’s not so good and I just really like this bud.


I’ve always been fond of forget-me-nots. I know they grow like, well, weeds, but who cares?

pink violets

This is some kind of violet, also weed-like in its behaviour—it spreads like crazy by sending out runners and then makes mounds of leaves. I wonder how long it will take it to take over the yard? We got it (for free, with a warning) from a garden place; there it’s growing all around rock pathways and is quite lovely. I must find some rocky bits and encourage it.


4 thoughts on “In the garden at the moment

  1. Great pictures of such beautiful flowers. I thin people have traditionally been so drown to flowers because they symbolize preciousness, sweetness, and visual beauty. Good job.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, they symbolize so much—and probably the fact that they’re so transitory strengthens the appeal.

  2. Aren’t close up’s of flowers wonderful I just love seeing all the lines and dimples.
    The colors just pop.

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