Purple poppy

purple poppy 1

I took this picture a couple of days ago, in a rush while heading elsewhere. I was trying to catch the light effects on it, and I was pretty happy with the results as far as that went, but the camera was handheld and I wasn’t able to get a crisp image. (I’m blaming it on weeding and brushing—I had spent too much time with clippers that day and had some shake in my hands from overuse).  

I’ve tried a couple of times since then, but the light hasn’t been the same, and now the blossoms are fading. But the images following are a bit better focused than the first one, and the colours are more accurate in terms of what it actually was. Oh well—I’ll try again next year.

purple poppy 2
This also gives a better sense of the colour of the centre.
purple poppy 3
Looks good against rock, too.
purple poppy 4
A more bashful bloom.

7 thoughts on “Purple poppy

  1. Is it a poppy or an anenome? The leaves don’t look quite right for poppy but then I don’t have a lot of leaf to go by!! :) Either way, it’s lovely. I like how you see things so much differently than I do, you have opened my eyes.

    1. Thank you for the very kind compliments!

      Hmmm… it could well be an anemone. I’m no plant expert, I mostly just go “Oo! pretty!” I googled purple poppy and images of something similar came up—as they also did for “purple anemone.” Sigh. Hmm…

      Okay, I did a bit more digging. It’s Anemone coronaria, a poppy anenome. So I was sort of right.

    1. Thank you, Amy, I appreciate that so much—you made my day! Due to limited time for exploring blogs and nominating others for the award, I regretfully must decline, but to be nominated delights me. Thank you!

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