Bliss by Dick VanderEyk

Last week was a holiday of sorts, so we did daytrips—actually leaving home! OMG!

This was taken at the beginning of a hike to Biggs Park/Jack Point. It’s a gorgeous carving in yellow cedar called “Bliss,” by Dick VanderEyk. The sad thing about it…

is the irony of its name relative to its location…

Bliss by Dick VanderEyk next to wood milling plant

Right next to a wood processing mill with horrendously loud, shrieking and squealing machinery.

Still, the sculpture is wonderful and well worth seeing, and to our great relief it wasn’t long till we couldn’t hear the mill at all, and as mentioned in a previous post, the hike took us to fields of wildflowers.

Old metal superstructure over a mineshaft airvent

The other major excursion of the week was to Newcastle Island, a fascinating place to visit. The Snuneymuxw of course lived on the island, and with European settlement came various industries. Shafts from Nanaimo’s Number 1 coal mine extended out under the water to Newcastle; this is the upper workings of an airvent.

Closeup of airvent superstructure

I like old metal, can you tell?

And of course no excusion would be complete without a picture of Our Dog on a (Newcastle) beach.

 Dog perched on top of sandstone formation

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