Horse clam siphons

clam siphon

I don’t usually get a chance to examine the siphons of horse clams in detail—I don’t know how they do it, but they seem to sense my approach and yank the siphons back under half the time. But for some reason, maybe because the tide was on its way back and in fact had almost reached it, this one wasn’t as shy. Water was gently pulsing at the end—there’s be a bulge of water, as in the first photo, then it would disappear, as in the second. I guess that enough water had returned to the sand to make it possible to use the siphon to respirate—certainly it looked like breathing.

clam siphon with less water


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  1. I would concur on that. I’m sure George Lucas turned to nature for many of
    his characters in his movies.

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