Sky rock barnacles

white sky, pink and ochre rock, then barnacles at the bottom

Canadian World Oceans Day is June 8th, but Gabriola celebrated it yesterday. I thought it made sense to post a photo relating to oceans yesterday in honour of the event and I think I’ll just keep putting up ocean-related images through the 8th. (Why not make it Oceans Week? Oceans Year? Heck, make it Oceans Lifetime. Someone’s got to do it, since the government clearly won’t.)

In any case, today was grey and showery but also had a very, very low tide (0.0), so I headed down to the shore to see what I could see. At a very low tide you can walk way out on reefs and mud/sand flats at Descanso Bay.

In the middle of the uncovered bay, resting on the lower sandstone reef, is an enormous boulder. The bottom is covered in barnacles, and, on the north and east sides, mussels. The top has layers of lichens. The middle is apparently no-man’s land. A nice combination of colours and textures.

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