Sandstone formations

sandstone formation closeup

A couple of weeks ago when we had those really low tides I was able to get to a cliff that’s normally not very accessible, and took some photos of the sandstone formations. I was quite taken with the abstract shapes layering against each other.

sandstone formation

Here’s the same formation, but shown from further away and a different angle.

sandstone emerging from broken shell beach

And another one, although from a different part of the island.

6 thoughts on “Sandstone formations

  1. These patterns are fantastic. Nice to get into areas that are normally out of reach too. I really like the large round inclusions, it would be interesting to know how they are formed.

    1. The “cannonballs” embedded in the sandstone are called concretions—areas where sand grains are more firmly cemented together than those in the larger host rock. Nick Doe has an article about these from Shale, the Journal of the Gabriola Historical and Museum Society, online, and it’s fascinating reading. Look for the article called “Great balls of stone—concretions” under Shale 9, August 2004. (I’m linking to the page rather than the specific article because if you’re into geology, the rest of Nick’s articles in this issue are also great—one of them explains the holes in the sandstone pillar.)

  2. Ask a simple question and get a complex answer! That is a fascinating article, and the whole journal looks really interesting. I am going to have to spend some time in it (I have seen individual articles from it before, but never the whole thing, so this link is great). Thanks!

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