Beginning to plan the muffins

lots of unripe blueberries

If there are no unexpected gardening disasters, I think we’re going to have a good crop of blueberries this year.

closeup of unripe blueberries—green with pinky-orange tips

Pretty, aren’t they?


6 thoughts on “Beginning to plan the muffins

  1. mmmm, those look good, hope you’re into sharing!! LOL! One of mine is doing well, the other doesn’t have a single berry on it. Love the second picture, must have taken it yesterday because I don’t think we’ve had a lick of sunshine today!

    1. Heh… if there are as many as it looks like there will be, we may HAVE to share. And yes, photo was taken yesterday—though maybe I should have pretended that our corner of the world was unusually blessed…

  2. We are very lucky this year. I only have eight plants which are 3 years old and this year they are so loaded I’ll actually be able to make some blueberry jam which is my favorite. There may even be enough for a pie or two. But what the blueberries offer the strawberries lack this year for us, as there is so much rain the berries are rotting faster then I can pick them. Such a same. I’m hoping the second flush in the fall will make up for this springs failure.

    1. It hasn’t been a good year for strawberries so far, that’s for sure. We have some ever-bearing ones, but they don’t really get enough sun, so they’re still a long way from ripening. Maybe by the time they do we’ll have summer!

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