Stream lightshow

light reflections in a stream

Today in the middle of the afternoon we went for a walk in the woods. Strong sunlight and dark shadows make photography challenging, but I got a few shots I liked. These are some of them: all taken of a slow, low stream.  

This first one (and the last one) were serendipitous surprises. The slow shutter speed produced some interestingly focused effects where the sun reflected directly, rather like drawing with a flashlight, while the rest of the reflections softened and went all fuzzy like a Monet painting.

reflections in stream

Not quite as unfocused in this one. But I like the colours.

light and shadow on brown bottom of stream

This one looks through light and shadows to the brown bottom of the stream.

more lightshow reflections

Now that the weather’s getting hotter the stream will disappear, as it’s seasonal, but for now there’s still the beauty of light and water to enjoy.


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