Little mysteries

close up of pink mystery plant
Looks like there will be more flowerets on this…

I’m not really much of a flower gardener—what gardening I do is mostly veggies. But the house we bought four years ago had extensive landscaping when it was first built, and there are some flowers lingering from earlier times.

On the other hand, having hung around a lot of natural history interpreters in parks over the years, I’m pretty good at recognizing native wildflowers. I may not be able to remember their names, but I recognize them!

So when I meet plants like these, I tend to be baffled. They look like wildflowers, but not like any native wildflowers I’m familiar with. Here’s another picture of the first one, showing the leaves.

the pink mystery plant with leaves showing

They don’t look like the common cultivars I’m familiar with—but then, there’s so much I’m not familiar with that this is hardly surprising. Here’s another one.

A yellow mystery plant, for variety.
A yellow mystery plant, for variety.

And another. They’re all relatively small. They appear as single plants. All of these are new this year, as far as I know—at least I don’t recall seeing them before.

a 5-petalled pink mystery plant
Back to pink.

My best guess is that they came out of a packet of wildflower seeds—that would explain the wildflowerishness as well as why I don’t recognize them. Let me know if you recognize them. There are a couple more that weren’t picture-ready—when they are, I’ll take pictures of those as well and post them.


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