Sandcut Beach

Sandcut Beach waterfall looking toward land

Many years ago, in need of a break, I visited a place that had been recommended as a great getaway: Point No Point. I stayed 5 days and loved it, and returned again a few years later.  

I’ve stayed in one of the old cabins, and in one of the new-built ones, and enjoyed both. (The second time, there was a bonus: a cat came to visit, prompted partly I’m sure by the smells of a Thanksgiving dinner, but also apparently because the owners’ house had new kittens and his nose was out of joint because they were getting all the attention.)

One of the great things about that first 5-day stay was exploring the area. There were a lot of little beaches that only the locals knew about. Sandcut Beach was one of those beaches. As I recall, the instructions were, “Go __ kilometers toward Port Renfrew, cross a little bridge, stop immediately, and look for a trail to the water… it’s not very noticable.”

Sandcut Beach waterfall looking out to sea

The beach is still there, of course, and this waterfall is what makes it special. So when we were “on holiday” last month it’s one of the places we made a point to visit. There’s a video of it on the Discover Sooke site—as you can see, there was a lot less water when they made their video than when we visited.

It’s funny—the makers of the video seem to think it’s hard to find. True, we had some difficulty, but that was because I knew where I was going. We stopped where I remembered, just after the bridge, and yes, there was a trail down to old cabins, but clearly that wasn’t the right route, as there was no trail down to the beach. So we drove further up the road and there it was: a parking lot. A properly built trail, somewhat rugged and much longer than the original, that finally decanted us onto the beach quite some distance from the waterfall. A bit of a slog on a day when there was big surf running, as we couldn’t walk on the harder surface at the water’s edge and had to scramble on the big sliding pebbles. But we made it, and it was worth it.

The thing is, despite what the video-makers say, it’s not really a secret known only to locals. It’s on the map. Land in the Jordan River area was purchased with the Land Conservancy of BC in 2010 and became the Jordan River Regional Park Reserve, which includes Sandcut Beach.

But it’s still well-worth visiting, if you’re ever in the area.

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