In other parts of my life, I’m an illustrator. Over several years I did a series of illustrations for packaging for a line of cereals, including a product called Gorilla Munch.

So you can imagine my surprise…  

…when a student said to me today, “Um, did you ever illustrate a gorilla on a cereal box?” And then showed me what came up under the google image search for “rustle my jimmies.”

Holy crap, I’m part of a meme. :D

But overall…

Meme image of illustration plus "my jimmies remain unrustled" text

3 thoughts on “OMG, ROFLMAO!

    1. Heh. I think it’s very cool. I don’t know if the company even knows about it. Though I did send someone a heads-up email today, so if they didn’t they will. (I did notice that the June 5th comment on the GM page was from “James Rustler…” and some other comments that, well, I think perhaps 4chan or someone has been having fun with them recently.)

      1. It gets funnier and funnier. I bet it could be great for business.

        You should send your post to the meme website so they can link to it. Artists should get credit when its due.

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