Neptune Canada’s Marine Life Field Guide

cover of Marine Life Field Guide

What a cool thing!

Neptune Canada, the “world’s first regional-scale observatory network,” gathers data from instruments deployed off Vancouver Island and transmits it from the sea floor to an archival system at the University of Victoria. Their goal is to observe and understand ocean ecosystems and to identify and minimize human environmental impacts on them.

Among other things, their instruments gather pictures from the deep ocean. Now they’ve put some of this material into a Marine Life Field Guide. It’s not a comprehensive guide to all species, but it will be built on and shows species that are unfamiliar to most of us, some known only to researchers and lacking common names.

And you can download it for free. You can get an interactive book, which includes videos, from the iBook store if you have an iPad. Or you can download a non-interactive PDF here.


2 thoughts on “Neptune Canada’s Marine Life Field Guide

  1. Very cool, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Amazing what is living so deep in the ocean with all that pressure.

    1. You’re welcome—I was delighted to find it myself. And it’s so cool to see real pictures from the deep now that new technologies allow us to see down there.

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