We have a pear!

pear on tree

You have to understand that as a gardener, I suck. Partly it’s lack of time, and partly it’s, well, general suckage. I read up on what I should do (sometimes) and then (often) I don’t do it.

So I read up on pear trees, because I hadn’t done anything about the one on our property, and neither, evidently, had the people who owned it before us. The first year it produced 2 pears, which the deer ate, I’m not sure what happened the second year. Last year it produced a fair number of pears, but they were all wee and spotty. After cutting out the bad bits, we had enough left to poach in a friend’s sweet blackberry ginger wine to make a nice dessert for two. Nice, but not exactly a stellar harvest. So evidently we needed to Do Something.

It was getting awfully tall, and I had a vague Idea that this wasn’t good. It appeared from the reading that pruning was recommended, so at the appropriate time (for once) I went out and whacked it back rather a lot. (I did lose my nerve and left a couple of branches untouched—I figure they’ll go this year.)

Anywhoo, I know you’re supposed to spray with this or that (copper sulphate?) to prevent other this or thats, but somehow I never got around to it. I admit to being discouraged by the price of sprayers, given that we only have One Fruit Tree. Maybe I should have invested in a small plant mister and a lot of time? Whatever. It didn’t happen.

There were quite a few blossoms—I guess it liked being pruned. But… this is the only fruit I’ve seen. I’m not sure if that’s because it needed another pear tree to cross-pollinate with, and there wasn’t one close enough to really help, or because I didn’t spray, or because the deer (yes, they got at it) ate all the flowering bits off the lower branches.

But we have a pear! I will be watching with fascination to see if it gets big enough to feed us another wine-poached treat. Maybe next year I’ll get around to spraying.


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