Fern shadow

fern shadow

Every once in a while my camera gets notional and resets itself to defaults—I haven’t a clue why, it just whirs and suddenly the flash is turned on again the next time I take a picture in dim lighting. Which is what happened here, with the result that the flash blew out the shadow on one side of the leaf. But I kinda liked the effect this time.


6 thoughts on “Fern shadow

  1. The question now becomes, could you reproduce this interesting effect at will? My camera, in very particular circumstances, will reset the ISO. Nothing like taking a series of shots that matter, at ISO6000. I know how to get it to not do it, but have to remember to tweak a setting which I don’t always. Sometimes cameras are too complicated. Have minds of their own. Kind of like unruly teenagers.

    1. Heh. At least I know how to turn the flash on and off, so I might actually be able to replicate this effect, which is more than I can say for some settings. I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to automatic cameras—I’ve never really learned to program this one, despite having had an SLR my whole life and never having any problems with settings when it was fully manual and just had things to turn to change settings. Then I knew how to adjust for whatever I wanted and override settings as well. I think part of the problem for me with this camera is that you have to program different setting levels first in order to get to the point where buttons and knobs make adjustments—it’s not intuitively linear.

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