They’re not really very bright


dragonfly trapped in garden netting

This one had somehow gotten trapped between two layers of netting in the fence round the veggie garden. And yes, I did go get scissors and free it.

(After I took the picture, obviously. I’ve no idea how other people get pictures of these big dragonflies, although they’ll follow us around and hover nearby, they never actually seem to land on anything. )


4 thoughts on “They’re not really very bright

  1. Interesting photo – the “lattice” of the dragonfly wings against the lattice of the net.

    Seeing this photo reminds me that it’s a long time since I last saw a dragonfly around here.

    1. Ah, I see. Interesting—I would have thought that insects would have been some of the hardiest creatures at dealing with drought, but I guess it all depends on the severity and length of the drought.

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