Being a good citizen is more complicated than I thought.

A couple of days ago I blogged about fighting tansy ragwort, and said I’d follow up on how to dispose of it. So here’s what I found out.

Burning is best. But our area has gone to Fire Hazard High: Early Shift, which means we can’t burn anything.

RDN Green Bins: nope, they won’t take it. The program is designed for household food waste, not yard and garden, and I was told that the collection driver would proably reject the bag if he saw the tansy in it. But the guy I emailed with, who was very pleasant and helpful, kindly forwarded my question to someone at the landfill.

Landfill: yes, they will take it, BUT. The “but” is that because it is a poisonous plant, they will only accept it as a controlled waste.

That means the regular collection won’t pick it up. You have to give the landfill 24 hours notice and then deliver it yourself. There’s a minimum charge of $5 to handle it (charges are by weight, $230/metric tonne).

The reason for all this is that controlled wastes such as poisonous plants are buried immediately, so that animals can’t get at them and they can’t seed.


I’m not going to pay ferry fare to take a shopping bag full of flower heads off the island to the dump, and then pay a dump fee on top of that. I guess I’ll bag it and store it in the burn barrel till the weather changes and we can burn again.

Who knew that getting rid of flowers could be so complicated?


4 thoughts on “Being a good citizen is more complicated than I thought.

  1. You need a flame thrower, which is what my father used to use. Burns the unwanted parts quickly. Doesn’t usually start fires.

    1. It’s that “usually” that makes me nervous.

      And right now I suspect that the local fire chief would have a few words to say if we tried it! But later… hm. Do you suppose the little blowtorches used for making creme brulée would work?

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